• 5 Reasons to use a REALTOR

5 Reasons to use a REALTOR

There are 5 main reasons why retaining a licensed real estate agent is important when buying property in the Austin/Central Texas real estate market.

1. Market Place Knowledge.

A REALTOR is dedicated to helping you find your ideal property. They typically know neighborhoods, business sectors, nearby amenities, school districts, trends in the areas you are interested in and are usually “in-the-know” about the Austin, TX or Central Texas real estate market.

2. Accessibility to Inventory on and off Market.

Well-Connected real estate professionals keep their eyes and ears glued to the market place to know what inventory is available, which properties are priced correctly, properties to avoid, and properties that may be available though not yet listed in the local MLS system.  A competent REALTOR can provide ample knowledge and has the experience to ensure you are buying with the right information at hand. They can also help keep you informed as to potential exit strategies at resell.

3. Comprehensive Network.

When buying a real estate property, reaching active and prospective sellers to know what is available is always the main objective. Real estate agents often network with each other about properties they have for sale, as well as their clients who are looking for specific property. A well-connected and engaged, full-time agent makes it a point to actively network in both local and broader national markets through expansive referral networks, social environments and other real estate platforms. Suffice to say, a well-networked REALTOR can provide clients with added leverage in the property buying process.

4. Technology.

NAR (National Association of REALTORs) states that almost 90% of buyers first look to the internet before ever stepping into a potential home. Its important that whomever you work with is closely linked to technology as well. Austin’s top real estate agents typically have websites, are members of the local MLS, and use a myriad of technology platforms to help facilitate their clients. You will often find they associate with support and service vendors that are also forward thinking technology users, helping  to streamline the buying process, including internet access to track progress of your transaction, electronic document signing, secure online curation of paperwork and other important documents, and reports, to name a few. The modern professional REALTOR embraces and uses technology effectively to help ensure delivery of highly efficient service to their real estate buyer.


5. Negotiating/Contract Expertise.

With inventory being low or virtually non-existent in some local areas, just submitting an offer is no longer the ultimate step in negotiating. A professional REALTOR is also a highly skilled negotiator that will always have your best interest at the forefront of any and all negotiations. In addition, they will be willing to go the next step to ensure your contract stands out among the many a seller might receive. For sellers, it’s important you’re using a REALTOR that will ensure you are a qualified buyer, knows how to negotiate after inspection, and works professionally with all involved parties to get the transaction closed in timely fashion.


The point of this article is to convey that it’s incredibly prudent to retain a REALTOR in the real estate buying process; one who can readily facilitate your needs and professionally represent your interests. At Sandy Hoffman Properties, we work diligently to ensure your real estate experience exceeds expectations. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Austin, TX or the Highland lakes areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to arrange to meet with you to discuss your needs and look forward to being of service.

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