• Homeseller Tips

Homeseller Tips

Drive Up Appeal:  Curb appeal plays a major role in getting the prospective buyer into your home.  Repair all exterior features like screens, doors, windows and outdoor features.  Make sure the front door has a friendly appealing feel to the prospective buyer.  A clean door and glass (if applicable) will excite a buyer about their potential new home.  Make sure all landscaping and trees are trimmed.  Seasonal flowers are always a nice touch.

Add Lots of Light:   Add light to your rooms by opening blinds, cleaning your windows and turning on lights when you know someone is coming by for a showing.  A nice, bright home always appeals to a potential buyer.  Accent lighting and replacing light bulbs add to the ambiance of your home.

Minor Repairs:  Make repairs prior to your first showing.  Make sure your plumbing and appliances are in good working order.  Clean carpets and deodorize especially for smokers and pet owners.

De-clutter: Crowded rooms make prospective buyers underestimate the size of your rooms.  By eliminating clutter or unneeded furniture, you create a more spacious area and one that’s appealing to your buyers.  Clear countertops of unneeded items and keep bathroom counters clear of items.  Less is More!  Store items in the garage or away from the home to create a more spacious, clean and friendly environment.

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