• Items to Review with your REALTOR

Items to Review with your REALTOR

PRICE. Reviewing your asking price is the most difficult, painful and personal part of answering the question, “Why aren’t we getting any action?” This is typically the single most critical element in your new marketing plan. Get fresh comparable sales in your area. Forget the asking prices of homes that aren’t selling. Check out the homes that are selling. Your home must be priced to meet today’s market or all the other elements of your new plan won’t make much difference.

TERMS. How flexible are you really prepared to be? Any financing options?  How soon do you need to close? Can you take an extended close date?  Be creative and think outside the box.

MERCHANDISING. Are you offering a Home Warranty as an insurance policy for your potential buyer? A home warranty plan covers many of the important systems that can and do break down during the buyers first year of ownership. It stands to reason your home will have a competitive advantage when it includes a protection plan. Today’s buyers are picky. Give them something extra. Grab their attention.

APPEARANCE. Remember the old advertising slogan, “Even your best friends won’t tell you!”? Well, a good Realtor will level with you. Have your real estate professional give you a set of ideas on how to spiff up your house. Put aside what you think is nice or adequate. Listen to your professional advisor. Paint, clip, cut, clean, deodorize, send to storage, toss out, caulk, mow, paper, cement, repair, add, scoop, weed, tear down and scrub. Little things do count. A minimum of time, effort and money spent now can bring back large rewards.

ATMOSPHERE. There are also some “do’s and don’ts”, which can be helpful in creating a selling atmosphere. Leave the house when it’s being shown and take the dog and children with you. If you must be home don’t chat with buyers, just disappear. Tune the FM radio to quiet, soothing music. Be careful of cooking odors. Turn on all the lights. Fresh flowers are always a plus. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level, open the windows and doors if weather and security permit. Pick up kid’s toys. Help your real estate professional by creating a warm, pleasant, private sales environment.

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