• Luxury Real Estate Buyers and Wine Cellars

Luxury Real Estate Buyers and Wine Cellars

Luxury Real Estate Buyers and Wine Cellars

Luxury Real Estate Buyers often times require unique features in their potential dream homes.  Many like to entertain and require wine cellars for storing, displaying and/or immersion into the world of fine wine tasting.  The article attached below offers several options for potential buyers as to where to locate their wine collection in existing space or where to add space for maximum value.

There are many ways to add a wine closet, wine room, wine display or full blown wine cellar to your home.  Many homes in Texas don’t have the advantage of a basement for wine storage.  However, many homes have nooks and crannies that can convert to a visual masterpiece for your wine collection.  Some suggestions are: hall closets, space below stairs (add a small door to this space for a functional wine storage area), or under cabinet space for a wine refrigerator.    However you decide to display a wine collection, you will not only gain many hours of enjoyment, but a unique selling feature for potential buyers.

The good news?  A home owner can usually recapture the cost of a wine cellar build-out due to the high demand in the luxury home market.



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