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Tips on Buying A Home


So… you want to buy a house:

Why Title Insurance?

Title insurance is required on all residential real estate transactions in Texas. This ensures the buyer that they are purchasing a property with clear title and that the chain of ownership is established and verified. This is important for you the buyer to ensure you are purchasing the property that you are contracted to purchase but also to ensure that when you resell your property, you are able to do so without any added legal issues.


What is the Closing Process?

You’ve got you’re the perfect home picked out, contract signed, escrow money receipted and are now under contract. The following outlines the actual closing process in Texas and what you can expect.


Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage for a single family home

Calculate Mortgage Payments

Relocation Information

We know that relocating can be a tedious and arduous experience, and often involves uncertainty about where to live. We truly know the market here. The Incredible Texas Hill Country and Austin, TX provide a myriad of options. We can help you narrow the choices to suit your lifestyle, family, personal and professional needs.

Complete the form below and we will be happy to send you a Complimentary Relocation Package, filled with invaluable information you’ll want to have for your move to Austin, or the any of the beautiful surrounding areas. We’re here to help!

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Why Prequalification is so important in today’s real estate market.

In the current real estate market, inventory is low, demand is high and some properties have multiple buyers and offers being presented. You want YOUR offer to stand out and be the “most viable” when presented against other offers. Most sellers these days require “prequalification” letters to accompany any contracts to ensure that the potential buyer is viable, qualified and able to move to closing without issue. With shorter option periods, it’s important that buyers have all their loan qualifications determined prior to contract to ensure a smooth transaction and closing. The Seller wants to choose the best candidate for closing at time of contract signing.



Moving Guide:

Moving Guide for Austin Tx

Vendor List

Below is a list of  General Contractors for your convenience.  These Contractors have been used satisfactorily by some of our past clients.  However, if you wish to contact a different Contractor through your own resources please do so.

Structural Engineers

Osborne Engineering

512-842-1197 or 512-964-6117

Foundations & Structural Evaluation

General Contractors

Weston Vann


Remodeling & New Construction


Mr. Handyman




Southern Painting


Eddie Martinez

We can help you buy or sell your home, waterfront property, investment property, or commercial property. Contact us NOW to find out what your home is worth.

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